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Hi, my name is Sergiusz Maczulski.
I do all types of renovation and conservation of decorative plaster work, reproductions of it’s fragments and ornaments. For example: ceilings, pillars, arches, vaults. Also I do new interiors with a touch of past ages. Let me show to you now some of works I have done.

If you are interested please look at the gallery attached to this page.

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Hi. My name is Sergiusz Maczulski, Art-Dagaz it is my company, i specialize in decorative stucco-work renovation and conservation.

I have taken part in many renovation projects and I am considered to be a well-experienced renovation specialist.

My service includes renovation of old decorative plasterwork and new interior finishing with a touch of old ages. This is:

  • paint removal,
  • preservation of the old plaster structure from destruction, (reinforcement of the ceiling by tying)
  • reproduction of missing elements,
  • cornices, mouldings in-situ on the all of type of surfaces (flat, curved, concave, convex),
  • Old tradition flat plaster work (oak laths and 3 coat of the lime and sand ).

I hold the Master Diploma in stuccoworks and am a registered member of The Irish Georgian Society.

Another passion is new interiors which I do with a touch of past ages. I equip it in pillars, arches, vaults, manual made decorative stucco work.

You are welcome to see my work.

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